MVMPCS provides a specialized Montessori education for students from 3 years old to 6th grade, along with a top-rated Middle School program. Featuring multi-age classrooms, hands-on materials, stimulating field trips, and the peace curriculum, MVMPCS is a MDSE 5 Star School, fostering independence and love of learning in all of our students.

what we do

more with less

As a charter school, MVMPCS receives less funding per student than other FCPS public schools, and does not receive any funding for facilities. Our limited budget pays for our facility and its maintenance, plus staff salaries and Montessori certifications, enrichment programs, Montessori materials, and much more.

what we give

We give our time

Volunteering is a valuable and vital contribution toward the continued success of our charter school. Each family is asked to log 30 hours/school year (10 hours per single parent/guardian family.) If each family volunteers and logs their hours, MVM will thrive.

how we give

we pledge our support

MVMPCS also needs monetary donations to bridge our funding gap. We aim to raise approximately $40,000 each year through fundraisers and direct donations. If each family makes a $250 donation to our annual fund ($150 per single parent/guardian family,) MVM will thrive.