Maryland's First Charter School

Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School is the first charter school within the Frederick County Public School (FCPS) system. Attendance is open to all FCPS students. The school's academic program is based on the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.


MVMPCS is a small, intimate, and democratic learning community where children learn actively, think critically, and solve problems creatively. Students’ innate desire to learn is fostered using the Montessori approach: a prepared environment, hands-on materials, mixed-age classes, and self-directed learning. Students are empowered to become responsible, confident, caring citizens who possess strong academic skills and an enduring love of learning.


Our Vision includes the hopes and dreams of our Founding Members:

  • We will build a sense of community based on a shared vision
  • We will give intellectual priority to the centrality of language, understood broadly as the use and study of symbols: words, numbers, and the arts
  • We will develop a curriculum with coherence, based on the successful implementation of the Montessori Scope and Sequence by certified teachers and supplemented with cross-reference to the Frederick County Public School curriculum
  • We will create a climate for creative, active, learning
  • We will educate the whole child, body, mind, and spirit

Strategic Plan

Parents/guardians, teachers, and administration design a five-year strategic plan to become our pathway into the future. Our goals (which include budget, building, etc.) are addressed in this document. The Governing Council reviews these goals monthly and votes to accept them every five years.


What is Montessori?

01The Montessori classroom is a prepared environment in which a multi-aged group of children self-select their work. Children may work independently, in pairs or in small groups of their choosing. They work at their own level and at their own pace.

02In addition to books, art supplies, maps, and other resource materials, Montessori materials include specially designed manipulatives, each of which focuses on a particular concept or skill. These materials are designed to be self-correcting so students receive immediate feedback regarding their understanding and proficiency.

03In the classroom, the teacher will rarely be found talking to the entire class, but instead will be circulating among the students assessing their progress or introducing them to new lessons individually or in small groups.

04The multi-age makeup of the group facilitates meaningful observation and exposure to advanced lessons, peer modeling, reduced competition, and the opportunity to solidify one's understanding of their material by "tutoring" others. New students enter a class that is already functioning smoothly and over the years can move up to take leadership in the group. Teachers develop a strong relationship with each child.