Request for Letter of Support for MVMPCS High School Program Expansion

In High School,

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MVMPCS is expanding to include grades 9-12! A dedicated group of parents, GC and BOT members, and MVMPCS staff have been working since early fall 2020 to bring a Montessori High School program to Frederick County. As a result, MMCI has been awarded a $900,000 charter school expansion grant by the Maryland Department of Education to help fund the startup of the new high school program opening in August 2023. MMCI has also recently received a favorable recommendation for program approval from FCPS and the interim Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael Markoe. 

If approved, MVM 8th grade students will be able to matriculate directly to the high school program without needing to go through the lottery process. CCM 8th grade students will receive priority placement through the lottery process for up to 35% of available seats. To ensure success, we need to show the Board of Education that the program has widespread community support. The final vote is on February 9, 2022 and you can help by submitting a letter of support to the BOE.

A sample letter follows. Please feel free to use the template letter, modify it or write your own letter of support and submit it to and copy to and This will ensure that your letter is delivered to all members of the Board of Education, the MVMPCS Governing Council and the MMCI Board of Trustees.

Please submit signed letters no later than February 8th, 2022 via email to:,, and

Thank you for helping to make MVMPCS high school a reality! 

Frederick County Board of Education
191 South East Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Dear Board of Education Members,

I am writing to express my support for the Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School high school expansion. I am a resident of Frederick County and I believe that a Montessori based high school program will be an asset to my family and my community. MVMPCS high school will increase educational choice for families in Frederick County by working within a Montessori framework that aligns with FCPS graduation requirements and Maryland College and Career Ready Standards to enhance educational outcomes. MVMPCS high school will feature Montessori Adolescent educational best practices, Deeper Learning, and Gold Standard Project-Based Learning to meet students “where they are” and help them build their own unique educational pathways. As a result, students will be prepared for entry into the workforce or further academic pursuits as well as ready to take on the full range of personal and civic responsibilities that they will face in the future. 

I am confident that MVMPCS’ twenty years of excellence in Montessori education will continue at the high school level and provide challenging, unique, innovative opportunities for growth for as many Frederick County high school students as possible. Please vote to approve Monocacy the Valley Public Charter School Charter expansion request on February 9, 2022. Thank you.



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