Spring 2022 Volunteer-A-Thon

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This year you've heard us talk about how community involvement is essential to the continued success of our small charter school, and how each of us plays a part in ensuring that MVM thrives by pledging our support.

An equally important commitment we all make as members of this community, is to give our time and share our talents. Volunteerism is the heart of involvement at MVM, and there are countless ways to serve!

  • Did you know that every MVM family is asked to volunteer 30 hours each school year (10 hours per single-adult household)?
  • Have you fulfilled your annual commitment to our community yet?
  • Do you want to get involved, but don’t know how to get started?
Get all your questions answered, and find the role that's a perfect fit, during the MVMPCS Spring 2022 Volunteer-A-Thon!
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Between March 21 and June 1, 2022, let's work together to reach our volunteer goals, Meerkats!