New Facility Update 10/24/2023

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Exciting things are happening!

Exciting things have been happening at our school’s forever home! The second full week of November remains the target for completion of phase one. We will have a firmer move in date as we draw closer to November. 

Work performed since last update:

  • Rough ins for science lab
  • Floor installation on 2nd & 3rd floor
  • Paint on 3rd floor
  • Lighting on 3rd floor
  • Hydro testing on 3rd floor
  • Drop tile on 3rd floor

  • Finish drywall on 1st floor
  • Paint started on the 1st floor

  • Grid installation on 1st floor
  • Lighting being worked on 1st floor
  • Elevator upgrades
  • Installing corner guards on 2nd & 3rd floors.

Fencing installation should occur in the next week or two. Work on the site plan for phase 3 continues. The site sketch is being submitted to the city with feedback received likely by mid November.  

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First Level

Now that inspections for plumbing have been completed and the flooring is closed, progress is moving along swiftly. 

Second Level

The second level flooring has been waxed allowing us to clear out the storage in the restrooms. Some furniture has been moved to their classrooms away from the walls so inspections can be completed.  Cabinetry and sink installation is planned for phase 2.

Third Level

Flooring  has been installed and painting has started. Initial work for the science lab rough ins has begun. Science labs will be completed as part of phase 2.


Inspections continue as various electrical, plumbing, and mechanical system work is finished and ready to be signed off. 


  • Finish science lab rough ins
  • Re-install ceilings on 3rd floor
  • Finish floor on 3rd floor
  • Sprinkler modifications & hydro test on 1st floor
  • Ceiling tile on 1st floor
  • Flooring on 1st floor
  • Finish hardware installation
  • Elevator Lobby Storefront installed
  • Temporary Wall installation on 2nd & 3rd floors
  • HVAC diffuser installation on 1st floor
  • FCPS equipment installation
  • Electric outlet installation
  • Emergency light fixture installation
  • Finish & Program Fire Alarm
  • Cleaning is in progress as areas are finished.


We look forward to sharing more progress updates with you in the future.

The Facilities Committee