The Volunteer Committee is responsible for recruiting volunteers for all other committees, and for individual projects as needed. Throughout the year, we reach out to parents in the community to try to pair them with appropriate volunteer opportunities, maintain the volunteer bulletin board in the front hall, host volunteer sign-up tables at school events, and send out requests for volunteers with the help of our Communications Committee.

In the fall, the Chair receives training through FCPS, and shares an orientation with our committee members. In the spring, we tally all volunteer hours that our community members have logged, report those hours to FCPS, order and print certificates, and present certificates at our annual volunteer tea. If you’d like to join this team, email

Current Volunteer Needs

October/November 2020 

The MVM Volunteer Committee is ISO enthusiastic volunteers and team leaders to fill MANY important positions this school year! 

How will you Get Involved? 

MMCI BOT and MVM GC Positions - Our 2020 MMCI Annual Meeting is coming up on Wednesday, November 18. This is your opportunity as a member of MMCI to hear about the state of our nonprofit, and our schools, and to vote for members of our governance. We have a number of positions up for election this year, including: 

  • BOT President
  • BOT Secretary
  • BOT Assistant Treasurer
  • BOT Parent Trustees (1 from MVM)
  • GC Parent Rep (2 from MVM)
  • Friends of Ed for the BOT and MVM GC

Click for here more information about the Annual Meeting and the nomination form. Please email our BOT Secretary with any questions. 

Community Outreach Volunteers - Perhaps now, more than ever, it is important that we seek opportunities to connect with other families in our community. Are you interested in planning and/or hosting some Virtual Events to build and strengthen our relationships? Would you love to help with school tours, teacher appreciation, and welcoming new families to our community? If you answered yes to any of those, Community Outreach is waiting for your email! 

We are looking for committee members to: 

  • Plan and host Virtual Community Coffee events (or Virtual Happy Hours, game nights, etc!)
  • Lead our Hospitality Committee in planning and coordinating special events in our community, such as: meals for teachers, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the above mentioned coffees, game nights, and more! Bring your ideas! The work of this committee is all about building and maintaining positive relationships, and making people feel welcomed and appreciated. These events are especially fun to plan with the help of a few good friends, so talk to some of your favorite fellow parents, and ask them to join with you! If you are interested in helping in these efforts, please reach out to

Fundraising Committee Chair and Volunteers - Do you have a background in Fundraising, or a passion for planning and organizing events? Are you a pro at setting and achieving big goals? Do you want to make a big difference in our school community? This might be the role for you! Reach out to our Volunteer Chair today to find out more!  

We are also looking for committee members who would like to: 

  • Set up Community Carry-Outs with local restaurants 
  • Help plan and run a Virtual Book Fair 
  • Work on various Fundraising projects throughout the school year 

Building and Grounds Committee Chair and Volunteers - Do you like to plan and complete outdoor projects? Can you picture yourself working alongside other dedicated volunteers with the common goal of keeping our building and grounds beautiful and safe for our students and staff? Give the Building and Grounds Committee a try! Reach out to our Volunteer Chair to get started! 

We need the following volunteers:

  • Gardening/ mulching/ building/ painting/ minor repairs
  • Building and Grounds project and calendar planning 

Volunteer Committee Chair and Volunteers - Are you someone who enjoys talking to others and making connections? Would you enjoy a position that supports other committees and our GC, as well as MVM Staff? The Volunteer Committee Chair is responsible for planning volunteer events and orientations, keeping records of volunteer training, recruiting volunteers to fill volunteer needs as they arise, and compiling volunteer hours. Does this important role sound like a good fit for you? Reach out to our Volunteer Committee today! 

Facilities Co-Chair - Are you knowledgeable in real estate and/or passionate about finding a new, permanent home for our school, where our children can spread out their Montessori materials with ease? The MVM Facilities/ Building Search Committee is looking for a parent co-chair to help lead this committee, and work with the MMCI Building Search Committee to find our new home. Is it you we’re looking for? Reach out to Facilities today! 

Budget Committee Volunteers - Do you have a background in finance, accounting, or are you gifted with numbers? Or maybe you are just interested in learning more about MVM’s budget process, and what’s behind the GC’s budget-related decisions. If this describes you well, our Budget Chair would love to hear from you! 

Montessori Makers - Do you love to craft, sew, or build? We are always looking for volunteers to help construct Montessori Materials - but right now that need is GREAT! MVM Staff and Volunteers will be creating and assembling a series of Montessori Materials for our students while they are learning at home this semester. Please reach out to Ms. Amanda directly to sign up! 

For more information on these positions, please reach out to Deb Knox-Teitel at